Woody Harrelson wants to sell weed in Hawaii

Woody Harrelson

Natural born sinner, Woody Harrelson, wants to play his hand in selling weed in Hawaii. Legally, of course. It was revealed over the weekend the actor plans to open up a medical marijuana business in Hawaii, HighTimes reports.

The business in question, Simple Organic Living, was listed with the state Department of Health in Hawaii, along with 60 other applicants who are interested in a chance in selling weed to patients in Honolulu County. The only kicker, only 8 applicants will be selected and the results will be made public until sometime in April. This would give successful applicants the opportunity to sell marijuana to the state’s 14,000 patients.

Hawaii must be thrilled to hear about the news of local dispensaries opening up in their county, however, medial marijuana has been legal in Hawaii for over 15 years. The only problem was the law was that it did not come with a provision that allowed the existence of a cannabis industry. The current work around was if you quailed for the medical marijuana program, you were given the option to grow it yourself or getting it from a licensed caregiver.

Thankfully, last year, lawmakers concluded a measure that would incorporate some functionality to the program by giving way to the convenience of retail sales. Finally.

So it makes sense that Woody Harrelson is throwing his name into the hat. After all, Woody has been a huge advocate in the marijuana industry and we couldn’t see it go to anyone else. Good luck Woody!

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