The Genius Pipe is a great alternative to a highly expensive vaporizer

Genius Pipe
Image: Genius
The Genius Pipe is coined as the iPhone of pipes.

Alright, you’ve had your fill of vaporizers and want to go back to the basics but still don’t want to suck on ash. Meet the Genius Pipe. It’s a unique and innovative pipe that utilizes science to craft you the the perfect hit. Sure, it’s straight combustion, but with a twist.

OK, what makes this sucker different from the ordinary $5 option found in your local bodega. First, it’s not some ordinary piece you buy from a gas station or cheap tourist trap. This pipe is going to set you back around $90. Ok so why is worth it?

This isn’t your ordinary pipe. This piece comes in 3-parts and built from mostly aluminum parts, making it super easy to clean, and built pretty tough. It’s design is pretty slim so you can pretty much take it anywhere. Whether in your pocket, bag, or purse – you can store this thing anywhere. It’s super discreet.

If you’re a vape head, this probably isn’t for you. But for someone who enjoys lighting it up from time to time, Genius Pipe seems like a fun little piece to keep around.


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