Super ‘Pot’ Sunday: How one cannabis delivery platform saw a 300% spike in sales

Super Bowl Sunday

If you were to guess which day saw more cannabis sales, would you bet your money on 4/20 or Super Bowl Sunday? The most educated guess would be 4/20, but surprisingly, it turns out that Super Bowl 50 saw better sales than everyone’s favorite holiday.

According to GreenRush, the largest cannabis delivery platform in California, the company claimed to see a 310% rise in sales throughout Super Bowl 50 weekend.

“GreenRush experienced a 310% spike in cannabis delivery orders throughout Super Bowl 50 weekend, relative to normal weekend sales, which underscores the extent to which cannabis is increasingly becoming a natural component of cultural events,” states Jude Widmann, Director of Operations of GreenRush.

“In fact, Super Bowl 50 was our highest grossing weekend to date, eclipsing New Years eve. We expect to see cannabis, and cannabis deliveries in particular, to continue to become a more routine, normalized element of all holiday celebrations in the future.”

So as it turns out, I guess stoners and athletes do mix together well. Obviously, the proof is in the pudding.

GreenRush focuses on dispensaries and their products, giving those vendors the opportunity to list their own inventory. To learn more about GreenRush, click here.

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