Does marijuana before or after a workout have any effect?

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Is marijuana the ultimate workout tool? It may help you recover and perform better.

There’s been a lot of research around marijuana and its effects on the human body, but for the most part, the results are all over the place. But as time goes by, more and more people are coming forward claiming that the plants medical benefits, especially for those in an athletic capacity, are utilizing it as a muscle relaxant and painkiller, amongst other things.

Remember Michael Phelps?

We’ll, he’s not the only one. Robert Szatkowski, also known as Rob Van Dam, has been advocating marijuana for quite some time. For those of you out of the loop, Rob Van Dam is an iconic name in the WWE and ECW, holding championships in both organizations. He’s known for his highly acrobatic moves and his tolerance to pain.

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Rob Van Dam shared his experience with marijuana in his daily life:

I’ve been known to apply smoking to everything throughout the day,” he said. In particular, marijuana has helped him in “thinking good thoughts, because . . . in front of millions of people that paid to see you at your best, who expect you to be in action-figure shape and condition on that particular night for that moment, you’ve got to deliver.

Rob Van Dam Marijuana

Putting the Theory to the Test

Gordy Megroz, a reporter for Outside magazine, wanted to know if whether or not smoking marijuana could make you a better athlete. So to put the theory to the test, he performed his own experiment using a treadmill.

What he found was actually surprising – he performed better while high on the treadmill than when he was sober. The after effects seemed to help him too. He found that during a heavy squat session, which would normally leave him sore for a couple of days, soreness pain seemed to melt away – proving that cannabis could possibly have some considerable recovery effects.

I do a heavy squat session while high, which would normally leave me sore for two days, but I’m surprisingly fresh 24 hours later,” Megroz reported for Outside. Even when not stoned, other aches and pains seem to dissipate, too. Humphreys says studies have shown that the drug has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is one reason why medical marijuana is so prevalent.

Unfortunately, it’s still unclear if smoking marijuana after a workout has any medicinal effect. Research is stagnant due to marijuana being classified as a Schedule I drug. Sadly, this is one of those things that research will prove to be right. But until we legalize it, we’ll just have to continue to wait.

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