Seth Rogen teaches you how to roll a joint

If you've ever wondered how to roll a joint, Seth Rogen is here to help.

Everyone has that one friend who’s been smoking cannabis for a number of years but still doesn’t have a clue how to roll a joint. If you’re “that friend” or know someone that fits the description, an unlikely source is here to help.

Comedian and actor, Seth Rogen, hunkers down in a video produced by Merry Jane and walks you though the necessary steps to roll a proper joint are all covered in this guide.

Again, nothing ground-breaking but definitely useful information for someone diving in with the sharks.

Now if you’re someone with rolling experience, then this is not the video for you, as all the basics of rolling a joint are covered. Things such using a grinder to break up weed, pre-folding the paper, and folding the lower lip of the paper into the joint.

Again, it’s pretty much rolling 101 stuff here, but when its being taught by one of our favorite celebrity supporters of cannabis, it’s truly a treat.

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