First Look: The PenSimple Grinder

Let's just say that if MacGyver smoked weed, he'd have PenSimple in his pocket.

Tired of having sticky fingers? Well, you’re in luck. Check out PenSimple. It’s a pen style grinder that stores a little over a gram of herb dispenses it over a bowl, vape, and even a joint.

Pure genius.

I’m sure you can remember the last time you spilled all your herbs dropping your grinder. I’m sure you remember how hard and messy it is trying to fill a cone or trying to fill your vape on a windy day. Well, the PenSimple promises to eliminate all those headaches. With the press of a button it automatically dispenses your herbs from the tip.  And when it runs out of juice, you can just charge it with a micro USB cable. It’s like it’s from the future.

Let’s just say that if MacGyver vaped, he’d have one of these gadgets in his pocket. And that wouldn’t be a problem at all considering the PenSimple is only an inch thick and 7 inches long. It’s like having a mini flash light, but one with trees in it.

PenSimple is currently selling for $69 and on their site it says they will be shipping them by the end of November 2016. Right around the holidays. What better gift than this for your special stoner bud? For more information on this cool little gadget check out their site or watch the video above.


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