Are There Proven Instances of Medical Marijuana Benefiting Depression?

medical marijuana
Does medical marijuana benefit people who have depression? According to a study, it does. 

A lot of people are curious if medical marijuana can help treat depression. There is no proven evidence now to confirm or deny anything. However, experts on both sides of the debate have strong opinions on the matter. It is up to the marijuana user to determine which strains might best help them with depression. Medical marijuana users can also consult with professionals, such as the ones at Green Door West, to find out which strains other customers recommend for combating depression.

Marijuana Does Help With Depression

Several psychology professors, including Thomas F. Denson, PhD, from California State University at Long Beach, have made statements that claim people who smoke marijuana on a regular or weekly basis show fewer signs of depression, then those that never used marijuana in their lives. A study was conducted that supported these statements showing that states that had legalized marijuana had lower suicide rates after the legalization and the number of people using and abusing alcohol decreased as well. Alcohol was found to be the leading contributor of suicides in a vast number of cases.

Most of the people who say that marijuana doesn’t help with depression are relying on information that is outdated and no longer relevant. As more research is being conducted, the beneficial reach of marijuana continues to expand. Depression is not just a chemical imbalance; it is also a perceived state of mind. The more that a person can to do to create a positive environment for themselves, the easier it is to combat the effects of depression.

Different strains of marijuana can help a person in varying ways. There are more than 122 different prescription based and over-the-counter drugs to help a person handle a headache. Not each medication will work for each person, and some will work better than others. The same statistic holds true for marijuana and depression. Speak to your Green Door West representative today and learn what types of strains could help keep your depression in check, as well as finding out the most fit options presented to you by the best cannabis delivery service in West Los Angeles.

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