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SugarNugz is the ultimate cannabis resource on strain reviews, growing tips, edibles, news, culture and anything under the sun when it comes to cannabis.

sugarnugz-final-vectors-08The brain child of DeVaughn Owens, SugarNugz was created as a resource for growers, cannabis connoisseurs, medical marijuana patients, and pretty much anyone with a given interest in this growing culture.

Our mission is to provide our readers with all the latest news, unbiased product reviews, exclusive photos, tips, and videos while creating an engaging and vibrant community.

We’re also committed on focusing on growing. With over 10 years of growing experience, one of our goals is to help the beginner, moderate, and advanced grower gain more yields. We hope that our readers give us some tips too.

To get a better idea of SugarNugz, you’ll have to get to know its enthusiastic creator, DeVaughn Owens and the site’s editor Kevin Raposo.

DeVaughn has years of experience when it comes to growing cannabis. Given the gift of the green thumb, DeVaughn has a proven track record of producing undeniable yields while maintaining pristine quality. His knowledge and passion is what sets him apart from many of the growers out there.

Kevin is the geek of the bunch. With a background working in the tech industry, he recently began growing himself. Although he’s nowhere near DeVaughn’s level, he’s steadily gaining experience with his help. Given his noob status, we hope this provides a fresh prospective to our readers.

On top of providing our readers with fresh content, we also hope you join our community in our forums. Our goal is to have community members provide help to all alike. Whether it be growing tips, medial marijuana information, your favorite music, we hope you join in on the conversation.

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