A 200X microscope probably isn’t the best tool to check your trichomes

200x microscope
Sometimes a little too much is a little too much. This is the lesson I unfortunately learned with this 200x microscope.

Ohuhu 200X -240X LED UV Light Pocket Microscope

8 Usability
6 Setup
10 Magnification
8 Functionality

Man, did I learn this the hard way.

When I was initially approached about reviewing a microscope that allegedly was capable of viewing an object 200x, I figured it would be a great opportunity to test it out when I was checking out my trichomes.

When I got my first microscope it was only 40X and that barely did the job. I remember second guessing myself when it came to harvest time. At 40X it’s really tough to see if it’s cloudy or just starting to get there. When I upgraded to a 60X, it helped a lot. A whole lot.

200x-microscopeSo my way of thinking this through was if a 60X microscope could help me see which stage my trichomes in, imagine what a 200X could do! So I took the bait and told them to send one over.

I had really high hopes for this microscope. I really did, but unfortunately it didn’t pan out the way I was expecting it to. First off, the device didn’t even come with any batteries so I had to scramble around my house to dig up 4 triple A’s.

Once I got that all sorted out I finally turned it on and made my way into the grow room. I immediately headed straight to a plant that was a couple of days away from harvesting and put the microscope to the test.

My first initial reaction was that it didn’t work. Honestly, I couldn’t see anything on the other end expect for blurry shapes. I tried focusing and re-focusing but no luck. What I discovered was that the microscope was actually doing its job, I just couldn’t make out what I was looking at because it was so zoomed in.

I tried it again sitting down at a desk and confirmed my realization. This thing works too well for my own good. I initially thought this would do a better job, but unfortunately it didn’t. That’s not the microscopes fault, it’s mine.

The moral of the story? Don’t use a 200X microscope because it’s not going to help you. Stick with the 4060X, you’ll be just fine.

 Ohuhu 200X -240X LED UV Light Pocket Microscope

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